About us

Total Irrigation Solutions are certified Firestone EPDM installation and repair specialists with 15 years of experience. Our installation technicians have worked on projects both in New Zealand and overseas. With our expertise we can guide you through the design, earthworks, drainage, and installation process dealing with any queries along the way. 

Firestone EPDM liner is a sustainable and environmentally friendly system with a guarantee of 20 years and an expected life expectancy of 50 years. Firestone EPDM also conforms to Practice Note 21 standards which has already become a minimum requirement from some councils for effluent ponds with other councils expected to follow suit shortly. 

Total Irrigation Solutions Specialise in:

  • Effluent Systems, Ponds & Storage

  • Stone Traps & Pipework

  • Flood Wash Systems

  • Pump Repairs & Installation

  • Irrigation Dams

  • Frost Protection Ponds

  • Fire Protection Reservoirs

  • Recreational & Decorative Ponds

  • Water Systems


Firestone EPDM liner is a sustainable and environmentally friendly rubber pond liner. With a 1.14mm thickness, the liner conforms to the IPENZ Practice Note 21 standard, which has already become the minimum requirement for the construction of effluent ponds, for some Regional Councils in New Zealand.

The liner carries a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty, and has a 50-year lifetime expectancy.

We also provide a guarantee that installation of any liner is covered against faulty workmanship for a period of 5 years.